Tony Booth & Friends

Right up to his passing, Tony still met up with many of his old Rock & Roll pals and promoter friends from the 60’s at Fort Perch, New Brighton. Doug Darroch who owns ‘The Fort’ holds ‘MerseyBeat’ events every month. Many of the original 60’s Liverpool Rock Groups play regularly at ‘The Fort’ including: ‘The Remo Four’ Drummer Harry Prytherch, Brian Jones of ‘The Undertakers’, Dave Williams of ‘The Jaywalkers’ Johnny ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson of ‘The Big Three’, Ralph Ellis of ‘The Swinging Blue Jeans’, 60’s singer Beryl Marsden, Phil Norman of The Prowlers, Paul Hayes of BBC TV and many more musicians and celebrities.

Tony Booth, Joe Flannery, Beryl Marsden, The Beatles

Joe Flannery celebrating his 80th Birthday at Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton. He is presented with a ‘Montage’ of the high spots in his career, by Tony Booth and 60’s Singer Beryl Marsden. Ray O’Brien is on the left, Joe in the centre, with Tony and Beryl on the right.

The Beatles historians

Harry Prytherch (Remo Four Drummer) in red, is presented with a signed limited edition of ‘The Beatles 1962’ by Tony Booth. Ray O’Brien (Beatles Author and Historian) is left and Tony in the centre.

Remo Four Drummer

Harry Prytherch (Remo Four Drummer) raises money for ‘Cancer Research’ with one of Tony’s signed and framed prints at a Fort Perch Rock Charity Auction.

June Furlong

June Furlong (Former Life Class Model) at Liverpool Art College and close friend of John Lennon, is presented with a plaque at Fort Perch Rock by Tony Booth

The Beatles Manager and The Beatles Fan Club Secretary

Allan Williams (The first Beatles Manager/Promoter), Tony Booth (Beatles Poster Artist) and Frieda Kelly (‘Beatles Fan Club’ Secretary) with a Special Presentation to Allan at Fort Perch Rock, on the 50th Anniversary of the opening of ‘The Star Club’ in Hamburg, Germany. Allan took ‘The Beatles’ to Hamburg in the summer of 1960.

Doug Fort Perch Rock The Beatles

Doug Darroch (Owner of Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton) is presented with a plaque by Tony Booth on behalf of ‘The Friends of Fort Perch Rock’ for his contribution to ‘The Merseybeat Story’ and for keeping the 60’s music alive with his regular Gigs and Shows. 

David Garrick and Tony Booth

Tony Booth and David Garrick with David’s portrait on his wall next to Dusty Springfield.

Joe Flannery and David Garrick 

Joe Flannery, Tony Booth and David Garrick discuss David’s portrait in Tony’s studio.

David Garrick artwork by Tony Booth

David Garrick (1960’s Chart Topping Singer) commissioned Tony in January 2012 to paint a portrait of him as he looked at the peak of his career. David (with the sunglasses) receiving the completed portrait from Joe Flannery and Tony in July 2012 at Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton.

David Garrick Portrait Image

Tony Booth’s completed portrait of David Garrick

Tony Booth & Allan Williams, The Beatles Manager & Promoter

Allan Williams and Tony Booth at Allan’s 80th Birthday Party at ‘The Grosvenor Ballroom’, Liscard, Wallasey. ‘The Beatles played here a total of 14 times between 1960-1961. Tony produced many posters for ‘The Grosvenor’ including, ‘The Beatles’ posters.

The Beatles Poster Montage

Tony Booth in his studio after completing the Poster Montage Presentation he made for Joe Flannery’s 80th Birthday Party at Fort Perch Rock on September 2011