The Cavern Club Entrance Poster Collection

ITV TELEVISION recently produced a new award winning three-part drama series called ‘CILLA ‘starring actress Sheridan Smith. It is based on the early life of 1960’s chart-topping singer CILLA BLACK.

ITV approached Tony and commissioned him to hand-paint the posters for the drama in exactly the same style as the 1960’s originals (like he was already doing for collectors at the time). After suitable ageing by the ITV team, the posters looked exactly like the 1960’s originals shown in the black & white photograph on below:

The Cavern Club in the 1960s

The ITV studio team went to great lengths to make sure that the film sets for Brian’s office and the interior & exterior of The Cavern Club looked absolutely authentic.

"I was invited to the filming of the inside of The Cavern Club and it was just like stepping back in time as all the memories of those Cavern Club days came flooding back. All the screaming fans were wearing 1960’s style clothing and hairstyles and with the Merseybeat music being played, the atmosphere was amazing." - Tony Booth.

You can see below a of six 30″x 20″ posters created by Tony that were pasted up on the outside walls of The Cavern Club in Liverpool during the early 1960’s. You can now get yourself a piece of this...

This Is Where It All Began at The Cavern Club  Welcome to The Cavern Club The Cavern Club Lunchtime Sessions
Welcome to The Cavern Club Poster The Beatles At The Cavern Club in the 1960s The Beatles Gig At The Cavern Club

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